“Fabulous musician, player, teacher, and human being! Owen is a rising star with no ego. He is a disciplined guitar player who has honed his skills and style and technique. His pedagogy is spot-on for this audience and guitar players of all ilk. Please bring Owen back so more students can benefit.”

-Student, Swannanoa Gathering

“Owen is a fantastic teacher. Instead of following the textbook, he starts with where I am at any particular moment and uses his improvisational talent to challenge me just at the right dose. Instead of boring exercises, we started making music from the very first session. I have never thought I would be taking up my guitar after 20 years. Now I practice every day and love it!”

-Student, Private Lessons

As a teacher, Owen thinks it’s important for students to play music they love. No matter the song or the genre, he will find ways to work on technique and musicianship within the ecosystem of your favorite tunes. While he specializes in teaching traditional music from North America and Northern Europe, Owen is also at home teaching folk, swing, blues, country, rock and classical styles. Owen teaches at his home in Washington, DC, near Dupont Circle, or where ever you want via the magic of the internet. Please contact him for more info or to set up your first lesson.